Best-of-Breed Content Marketing

By: Joe Maglitta, Senior Director of Strategic Content

So 2013 nears, and content marketing is definitely no longer the new kid on the block. BtoB Intelligence recently found more than 89% of organizations surveyed plan to use content marketing next year. That’s a huge jump from just a few years ago.  It’s a clear sign, one of many, that marketer’s use of custom web sites, pubs, video, mobile apps, email newsletters, blogs, webinars and face to face events, info graphics is, as BtoB concludes, “ready for prime time.”

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Building A Successful Content Delivery Plan

By: Mark Glasner, VP Marketing Services & Client Strategy

“Most of our content assets are too old to be effective.  They tend to revolve around our products.  They aren’t focused on specific information needs of buyers in different positions or stages of the purchase process.”

Sound Familiar?

In today’s complex, fast-paced business environment, the technology purchase process involves vetting and collaboration between many decision-makers and functions including: finance, business and technology.

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Marketing Services – How Tech Marketers Can Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

By: Mark Glasner, VP Marketing Services & Client Strategy

Tech marketers are hearing a lot these days about the advantages of marketing services. What exactly are marketing services?

Marketing services can include many different areas that are concentrated on customer data, content, and best practices for integration of multi-channel marketing programs. A marketing services expert can help you sort through the clutter of sales-support information and determine the best strategies to accomplish specific campaign objectives. Marketing services also includes content consultations such as matching assets to the IT Purchase Process, gap analysis and custom content development.  Combining all aspects of marketing services helps your organization build effective integrated marketing plans that will resonate, create impact and influence your target audience.

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Content Best Practices: How to Think Like an Editor / Publisher

By: Christopher Yeich, Director of Strategic Content

Content marketing isn’t the same as journalism. But if you want to be effective in reaching a target audience with the right messaging at the right time, you need to think like an editor and a publisher.

That’s not such an easy thing to do. The truth is, these days most marketing organizations are taxed with a host of content stresses. You may feel that you don’t have enough people available or able to write compelling and effective content. Or that you don’t have enough content, or that it’s too old. Or that the content you do have is too product-centric, isn’t targeted to a specific audience, or that you tend to produce the same kinds of content over and over.

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