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Corporate Office
Toll Free: +91-AMBR8 (+91.874787.6.888)
Fax: +91.849484.6.888
Investor Relations: +91.849484.6.888
Compliance Hotline: +91.849484.6.888
Career Relations:

  • Mr. Sunil K Pokkalla

    CEO and CTO –, AmBR8, NYC,USA
  • Girija Bharadwaj

    Executive Business Director – AmBR8
    Oracle, India
  • Dr. D.V.L.N Somayajulu

    Scientist, Ph.d from IIT Delhi – R&D,
    Founder & Chairman of Institution of Engineers, India.
  • Dr. Ashoke K Taludker

    Scientist, Ph.d from IIIT Bangalore – R&D,
    Chief Scientific Officer at Geschickten Solutions, Bangalore
  • Mr. Ashwin Ramswamy

    Executive TeamHQ Head – AmBR8 Partner,
    AmBR8 iEntrepreneur, India
  • Bhoopendra Singh

    AmBR8 – Human Resource Deployment Executive, NorthEast, India
  • Mr. Hari Nath

    Regional Account Manager, TeamHQ
    Assistant Secretariat Officer, Gov.of India
    CTO of UPSC Darshan
  • Mr. Sravan Kumar

    NetApp Team, AmBR8 Business Executive, Bangalore, KA
    AmBR8 Chief iEntrepreneur, India
  • Siva R Chaitanya

    AmBR8 Business Promotor – India
    Lead Architect, IBM India Pvt.Ltd,
  • Rahul Mishra

    VP, Marketing Services & IIM Bangalore
    iEntrepreneurs Franchise, India

  • Support & Enquiry

    Bangalore TeamHQ – Development – India