Global Leader in Entrepreneur's Evolution

AmBR8(AmBRight) is Founded by Alumni's of Indian Insitute of Technology. AmBRight afford the power of knowledge, cultivates vision and encourages new ideas, also inculcates human values and builds up awareness about the self as well as the society around us. we contributing in delivering eminent knowledge transfer in india for aspirent kick starters in developing entrepreneurship skills to widen business expansions by evoluating smart creative thinkers into an distinctive icon named as "Young Entrepreneur's".

AmBR8 School owns and operates iEntreprenuer, CampusRep, Santharam Textile Industry, Nascope and UPSCDarshan etc. These technology communities and sites provide entrepreneur's environment to narture ie; books and e-plans for Industry pro communities countrywide where they can collaborate and discuss nuturing events and business expansions with their peers. AmBR8 CampusRep, RDforge have the power of social interation communities for young leaders to innovate StartUp's. leadership in you, cannot be built – they evolve!

Company Promise

AmBR8 has successfully transformed its business into a relevant B2B tech knowledge partner for its clients. We have some of the most talented people in the industry who conduct business with the highest professionalism and integrity and we are very excited about the future of AmBR8 iSchools in India. Our communities have seen continual growth and AmBR8 TeamHQ Media continues to provide a superior user experience through trusted, relevant Entreprenuership that will contribute to the success of our company for years to come.

Innovation at the core of our business. Our vision is to help young entrepreneurs to realise their goal of a well managed and successful organisation which directs the wheels of fortune on the right track by transforming the inherent and acclaimed entrepreneurial talents of young entrepreneurs of India into a reservoir of economic growth which will result in creation of jobs, contribute to general well-being of the area and eventually enhance the prestige of the nation.

We aim at changing the outlook and mindset of youngsters to come out of outdated methods of production and management and instill in them the spirit of innovation and new thinking which lies in tune with modern way of business, we will continue to conduct our business with the highest values and integrity. We look forward to serving client by providing first-class customer service and best-in-market partner programs.