AmBR8 is looking for Campus Reps. This is a great opportunity to represent AmBR8, have some fun, and gain experience that will last a lifetime.

As an AmBR8 Campus Rep, you’ll host workshops, deliver demos, throw events, and build relationships on campus. You’ll collaborate with the AmBR8 team and your AmBR8 Authorized Campus Mentor in executing marketing activities to increase adoption of AmBR8 learning services among students, faculty, and staff on campus.

This is a position that takes energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion. It takes an understanding of technology and the ability to spread the AmBR8 message. It takes a leader — someone who can inspire peers, collaborate with campus organizations, and get things done. This is more than just a college job. It’s a chance to grow, and to get your resume off to an incredible start.

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Source: AmBR8 School of iEntrepreneur's; Executive Student Activities, Jan-May ’12 (India)

Spreading Motivation to Country

"Nurture with Innovation, Technology from Skilled Professionals from IIT's and Corporate Professionals."
20 Motivational iEntrepreneur's
190 Deliberated Events and Conferences
250 IT Professionals
438 Campus Representatives
1580 IIT Alumni Young Entrepreneur's Club
25,00,000 Outreached Target
Source: AmBR8 Survey, Jan ’13; AmBR8 Innovative Strategy in Nurturing Talents in India ! Mar ’13