Welcome to GeeknetMedia.com

By: Jeff Drobick, President and Chief Executive Officer

I would like to welcome you to Geeknet Media’s new home on the web.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with everyone a few of the recent success stories of Geeknet Media thus far in 2012.  Through hard work and dedication, everyone here at Geeknet Media has played a part of the tremendous growth of our company and I am looking forward to continuing on this path.

During the first quarter of this year, we launched SlashdotTV (http://tv.slashdot.org/) which has been crowned the ‘YouTube for Nerds.’  SlashdotTV enhances the Slashdot site experience for our highly engaged community of users.  The video content library continues to grow allowing our users to browse and watch the things that they are interested in.  Given the expressed interest by the community for video content, this has opened up many opportunities for sponsors to not only target key topics, but also creates the ability for an advertiser to sponsor its own channel of content.

We have also successfully launched two verticals recently, namely SlashBI (http://slashdot.org/topic/bi/) and SlashCloud (http://slashdot.org/topic/cloud/).  These verticals are unique for our network as we now have topically-driven destinations with original editorial for IT Professionals who are interested in learning more about Business Intelligence and Cloud.  These verticals as well as additional ones to be launched in 2012 create a unique opportunity for our advertiser to “takeover” the thought leadership section of their choice.

Sourceforge has been a trusted partner to the open source community for over a decade.  Both collaboration and distribution of projects on Sourceforge is a critical part of our success.  I am pleased to say that SourceForge will help Apache OpenOffice by hosting the Templates and Extensions, as well as help out with the distribution of the main release.  This was a big win for Sourceforge and we are thrilled to be working on this project.

While there are so many great stories I can share with you about the people here at Geeknet Media, I will sum it up by saying with great people comes great success.  We are here to continue to build and innovate for the communities that exist today and help our partners leverage those communities in a way that only Geeknet Media can.

Please browse around and check out some additional information on our brands and products as I am sure you will be impressed with what we have to offer.

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