Best Certified Training Partner

The core focus of AmBR8's Solutions Services is to assist clients in continually improving their overall learning strategies through the best resources from IIT's and NIT's, research and technology experts mentoring services we offer. Not all solutions fit all clients. Our Solution Services division focuses on assisting clients with consultative services including:

Blended Learning Services

Ensures the certification program is successful
Ensures all participants understand the program requirements and time commitments
Creates detailed program guide to articulate required commitments
Completes weekly status reports
Monitors all program activity and notifies any participant who is not completing the required assignments on schedule
Tracks exam results
Corporate Training Business Relationship & Leadership Training
Softskills Training from IITian Experts
E-Learning Services
Student Educative Training ECH,SCJP-Certifications
Ethical Hacking Course from Internationl White Hackers
Interview Preparation Skills - 100% Job Guarentee
Competetive Challenges CAT
Distance MBA
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Program Management Services

AmBR8's Program Management Services offers the ability to have full-time, on-site dedicated resources to assist with creating and implementing enterprise e-learning strategies.
Strategic Consulting Curricula management
Strategic and Vendor management
Developing a partnership within their organizations on a national or global scale
Project management Project Integration
Business Progressive Strategies
Freelancing - Integrating learning solutions Franchise us
Investing with us
Partner with us