Of Empty Subdivisions and Social Buying

By: Joe Maglitta, Senior Director of Strategic Content

One of the most compelling images from the Great Housing Meltdown came from a new Arizona subdivision. Street after empty street, house after empty house. Lots of lots but no people. No one had ever moved in. Sad.

Stay with me for a moment.

We all know that social buying is reshaping purchasing right before our eyes for pretty much everything.   Media companies, agencies and assorted opportunists are touting burgeoning new communities as buzzy hives and foreplay for ecommerce. Hmmm. …

Before you plunk down your or your client’s hard-earned cash to get in front of the latest hot “community”, make sure there’s actually a there there.

As any busted builder will tell you, it’s one thing to get some cash and throw up four walls and a sidewalk. It’s quite another to create a real place that attracts real people.

Joe Maglitta is Senior Director of Strategic Content for Geeknet Media, where he leads the strategy, development and timely delivery of top-quality custom content, marketing services and lead-generation campaign’s for the company’s clients.

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